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Boarding Up Service

Our teams can deliver commercial boarding services throughout the UK. We can provide free no obligation quotations for either hire or purchase of our services. 


Our boarding up service includes swiftly deployed emergency boarding up teams, to secure both commercial and residential properties following break-ins, fires, or damage from vandalism 24 hours a day. 

Our timber boarding up materials are available in a range of different thicknesses, which our Master Locksmiths will always have onboard. These can be cut on site to the exact dimensions required, to offer a fully customised cover-up for property access points. To offer the maximum protection we install our boarding with anti-tamper screws.

boarding up service east sussex


Our expertly installed galvanised steel security screens provide vacant sites optimum protection from expensive damage caused by squatters, vandals and thieves.

The vast majority of the time, criminal intrusions and thefts occur by accessing your property through doors and windows. This creates a critical vulnerability, particularly in vacant properties, which is where security screens provide an invaluable layer of protection.

Our steel screens are fitted within the opening so sit flush with the property, leaving no openings or gaps for objects to be pushed through or for the screen to be forced off.

To offer the maximum protection we install our steel screens with anti-tamper screws.

security hoarding east sussex
steel doors east sussex


Steel security doors provide a robust barrier against intrusion. 

Our steel security doors can be rapidly installed, causing little to no damage to your existing building structure. Once the doors are no longer needed, they can be quickly and easily dismantled and removed.

Our security steel doors provide a cost-effective and secure solution and are ideal where authorised personnel have easy access to keys.

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